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      Hydrogen peroxide


      Product category: inorganic chemicals/inorganic acid
      English name: Hydrogen peroxide 
      CAS NO: 7722-84-1 
      Molecular weight: 34.0147
      EC NO: 231-765-0 
      Molecular formula: H2O2
      InChI: InChI=1/H2O2/c1-2/h1-2H
      Alias:Hydrogen Peroxide 30% solution; hydrogen peroxide 35%; Hydrogen peroxide solution; Hydrogen peroxide 100 volumes; Industrial Hydrogenperoxide
      Structural formula:

      Specification: technical grade
      Packaging: plastic drum, tank car
      Properties: colorless transparent liquid; melting point: -0.41℃ boiling point:150.2℃; relative density:1.4067(25℃); soluble in water, alcohol, diethyl ether; insoluble in petroleum ether
      Uses: as decolorizer, sanitizer, antichlor; widely used in textile, bleaching, paper-making and chemical industries

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